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三棵树防水与索尔维共同研发长达25年使用寿命 的BIPV(TPO)屋顶材料系统

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【三棵树防水与索尔】三棵树防水与全球材料 、化学品和解决方案领域的领导者索尔维紧密合作,通过CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® 光稳定技术,共同研发具有长达25年抗老化要求的防水材料,这是推动BIPV技术进步和市场增长的关键因素 。

三棵树防水与全球材料 、化学品和解决方案领域的领导者索尔维紧密合作,通过CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® 光稳定技术,共同研发具有长达25年抗老化要求的防水材料,这是推动BIPV技术进步和市场增长的关键因素。

Solvay’s stabilization technology enables 3TREES to meet 25-year material anti-aging requirements, a critical element in advancing BIPV technology and market growth.

德国 2022K展  Germany 2022K

德国 2022K展

Germany 2022K


October 25, 2022, Princeton, USA

索尔维今日宣布与中国杰出的建筑材料制造商三棵树开展合作,共同开发符合**新发布的25年抗老化需求的光伏建筑一体化(BIPV)热塑性聚烯烃屋顶防水卷材 。该项目将通过提高分布式屋顶 BIPV 装置的采纳率,助力中国到 2060 年实现“碳中和”的目标 。得益于建筑项目增加 、新材料推出以及消费者对可持续解决方案偏好日益增长的推动,全球对 BIPV 产品的需求持续上涨 。

Solvay announced today a collaboration with 3TREES, a leading Chinese building materials manufacturer, to develop building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membranes that comply with new 25-year weathering requirements. The project will support China’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 by accelerating the adoption of distributed rooftop BIPV installations. The demand for BIPV products continues to rise globally, driven by construction projects, new material options and growing consumer preference for sustainable solutions.

在中国,采用 BIPV系统代替传统建筑材料,应用于屋顶 、天窗和外墙等领域已成为一种新兴趋势 。BIPV(TPO)屋顶的抗老化年限远远超过标准屋顶的10年期限 。延长抗老化年限是提高装置经济性的关键因素 。

In China, using BIPVs to replace conventional building materials for applications such as roofs, skylights and facades is an emerging trend. Aging requirements for BIPV TPO roofing far exceed the 10-year requirement for standard roofing, a critical factor in offsetting the cost of such installations.

两家企业的合作目标旨在推动此次解决方案的商业化和规模化 。合作协议将涵盖产品测试 、验证 、市场推广 、新项目开发和生产等内容 。索尔维的CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B系列稳定剂将会与三棵树TPO屋顶防水卷材进行整合使用,让**终产品的性能高于ASTM D6878(热塑性聚烯烃基卷材屋顶标准规范)和ASTM D573(橡胶的标准试验方法)两项标准 。

Initial testing by 3TREES demonstrated that Solvay’s product provides superior stabilization performance. The goal of the collaboration is to work toward the commercialization and scale-up of this solution. The collaboration agreement will cover product testing, qualification, market promotion, new project development and production. Solvay’s CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B Series stabilizer will be incorporated into 3TREES’s TPO roofing sheets, allowing the company to far exceed ASTM D6878 and ASTM D573 standards.



3TREES’ BIPV solution incorporating Solvay’s UV/thermal stabilizers. (Photo: Solvay, PR044)

“索尔维的快速响应、技术支持与稳定解决方案给我们留下了深刻印象。”三棵树防水高分子主任工程师黄鹭鹭表示。“索尔维的CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B系列稳定剂能够提供优异的耐热老化性能,不会出现明显的老化现象,而且有助于BIPV(TPO)卷材保持原有的物理性能 。我们非常高兴能够为中国BIPV市场的快速发展贡献一份力量。”

“We’ve been impressed by Solvay’s quick action, technical support and stabilization solution,” said Huang Lulu, Chief Engineer of polymer at 3TREES. “Their CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® B Series stabilizers provide excellent thermal aging performance, show no obvious discoloration, and enable TPO BIPV parts to maintain their physical properties. We’re excited to accelerate the development of the BIPV market in China.”

“索尔维非常高兴能与三棵树开展合作,向中国市场共同推出全新的 BIPV(TPO )屋面产品 。”索尔维聚合物添加剂业务副总裁陈宁表示。“借助索尔维的解决方案, 三棵树防水推出的全新BIPV(TPO)屋顶防水卷材将有助于解决现有产品性能面临的局限性 。三棵树防水一直致力于推动建筑行业转向BIPV解决方案 、为实现中国的“碳中和”目标而努力 。我们期待能够在这一方面为他们提供更多的支持。”

“Solvay is excited to work with 3TREES to introduce a new BIPV(TPO)roofing product to the Chinese market,” commented Ning Chen, Vice President for Solvay’s Polymer Additives business. “Enabled by Solvay’s solutions, 3TREES's new BIPV (TPO)roofing membrane will address the limitations of existing products. We look forward to supporting 3TREES in driving the building and construction industry’s shift to BIPV solutions and working toward China’s carbon neutrality goals.”



b体育app下载公司,索尔维致力于用技术改善生活的方方面面 。携手全球63个国家的21,000多名员工,索尔维将人 、创想和元素紧密联结,再创进步 。集团旨在为所有人创造共享的可持续价值 。通过“索尔维同一个地球”计划,公司保护气候、资源,并缔造更美好的生活 。无论在家中,在食品及消费品领域,抑或在飞机 、汽车 、电池 、智能设备 、医疗应用 、水和空气净化系统等市场,索尔维的创新型解决方案都助力打造更安全 、更洁净 、更具可持续性的产品 。成立于1863年,今天的索尔维在其大部分业务领域都位列世界前三,2021年集团净销售额达101亿欧元 。索尔维(SOLB)在布鲁塞尔和巴黎泛欧交易所上市 。

Solvay is a science company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life. With more than 21,000 employees in 63 countries, Solvay bonds people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress. The Group seeks to create sustainable shared value for all, notably through its Solvay One Planet roadmap crafted around three pillars: protecting the climate, preserving resources and fostering a better life. The Group’s innovative solutions contribute to safer, cleaner, and more sustainable products found in homes, food and consumer goods, planes, cars, batteries, smart devices, health care applications, water and air purification systems. Founded in 1863, Solvay today ranks among the world’s top three companies for the vast majority of its activities and delivered net sales of €10.1 billion in 2021.



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